Subversion Training

OrcaWare Technologies provides training courses for Subversion, the open-source version control system.

About the Trainer

Our Subversion training classes are taught by Blair Zajac, whose Subversion credentials include:

  • Since March 2002, before Subversion hit its 1.0 release, has been on the Subversion project and one of the programmers who have commit rights.
  • A contributor to the O'Reilly Version Control with Subversion book.
  • Worked with large, well known organizations in bringing them in-house Subversion expertise, professionally installed and managed Subversion servers.

User and Administrator Training

We offer two separate classes for development, quality assurance and technical documentation teams using the Subversion version control system to manage their source code, technical documents, Word files, etc:

  • A full day course for Subversion users that includes hands on instructions on using the Subversion command line client, svn and the Windows Explorer integration, TortoiseSVN

    More information, including a course outline.

  • A full day course for Subversion administrators that includes security, authentication and access rights.

    More information, including a course outline.

Organizations we have provided training and consulting to include: