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Orca Components

  • The Perl script Orca

    Orca, a Perl script, that reads arbitrarly formatted text and generates HTML and PNG files based on the data and a configuration file.

  • Orcallator.se

    This is an updated version of orcollator.se that is distributed in the SE Toolkit, written by Rich Pettit and Adrian Cockcroft. Orcallator.se is a tool written for Solaris SPARC and Solaris x86 that collects a large amount of system and web server statistics and prints them into a file for later processing and plotting.

    This version of orcallator.se collects much more data. I have designed an Orca configuration file designed to read the output of orcallator.se.

    A more comprehensive document exists that describes the data that orcallator.se generates.

  • Procallator

    Procallator is a Perl script written for Linux systems to monitor and gather statistics from /proc, contributed by Guilherme Chehab. Its name is taken after orcallator, replacing the orca with proc.

Blair Zajac
Last modified: Thu Mar 8 16:51:25 PST 2018